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We make a range of architectural stone mouldings that provide a beautiful finishing touch to building projects.  For any custom items please get in touch with us.


Window Sill   850mm x 170mm x 90mm (returns on sills and custom lengths available)

Window SillWindow Sill

Window Sill Veneer   500mm x 45mm x 90mm

Window Sill Veneer

Window or Door Surround   600mm x 190mm x 145mm (custom depth reveals available)

Window or Door Surround

Window or Door Surround Veneer   600mm x 190mm x 45mm

Window or Door Surround Veneer

Bevelled Edge Quoin 235   350mm x 235mm x 250mm high x 110mm thick

Bevelled Edge Quoin

Bevelled Edge Quoin 350   350mm x 350mm x 250mm high x 110mm thick

Bevelled Edge Quoin 350

Straight Edge Quoin   335mm x 200mm x 245mm high x 110 thick

Straight Edge Quoin

Bevelled Plinth Internal Corner   270mm x 270mm x 250mm high

Bevelled Plinth Internal Corner

Bevelled Plinth External Corner   300mm x 300mm x 250mm (also available in a veneer for external cladding)

Bevelled Plinth External Corner

Bevelled Plinth Box   430mm x 370mm x 250mm

Bevelled Plinth Box

Bevelled Block   350mm x 270mm x 250mm

Bevelled Block

Bevelled Plinth 440   440mm x 150mm x 250mm (110mm thick)

Bevelled Plinth 440

Bevelled Plinth 600   600mm x 170mm x 120mm

Bevelled Plinth 600

Wall Cap 280   280mm x 500mm x 110mm (top span of 380mm).  Also available in 1000mm length.

Wall Cap

Bevelled Wall Cap 260   260mm x 500mm x 95mm (top span of 160mm)

Bevelled Wall Cap 260

Bevelled Wall Cap End   390mm x 750mm x 110mm (top span of 240mm)

Bevelled Wall Cap End

Bevelled Wall Cap 390   390mm x 750mm x 110mm (top span of 240)

Bevelled Wall Cap 390

Goose Neck   480mm x 390mm x 300mm

Goose Neck

Wall Cap 340   340mm x 500mm x 110mm (top span of 210mm)

Wall Cap 340

Wall Cap 160   160mm x 500mm x 145mm (top span of 250mm)

Wall Cap 160

Wall Cap External Corner   530mm x 530mm x 145mm

Wall Cap External Corner

Wall Cap Internal Corner   250mm x 360mm x 145mm

Wall Cap Internal Corner

Wall Cap Pilaster   650mm x 370mm x 145mm

Wall Cap Pilaster

Acanthus Pilaster Capital   400mm x 210mm x 120mm

Acanthus Pilaster Capital

Pilaster Neck 400   top width 400mm x bottom width 410mm x 150mm high

Pilaster Neck

Pilaster Shaft 400 (top or bottom)   400mm x 600mm x 120mm (shown below with Pilaster Neck)

Pilaster Shaft 400 (top or bottom ) shown with Pilaster Neck

Pilaster Shaft  400 (middle)   400mm x 600mm x 120mm  (shown below with Pilaster Base 400)

Pilaster Shaft and Base

Pilaster Base 400  530mm x 180mm x 385mm (top span of 410mm)

Pilaster Base 400

Bevelled Pilaster Base   430mm x 195mm x 250mm (top span of 350mm) Suits Pilaster Shaft 300

Bevelled Pilaster Base

Plinth 600 (suits Pilaster Base)   600mm x 175mm x 200mm

Plinth 600Plinth 600

External Corner Plinth  295mm x 295mm x 200mm

External Corner Plinth

Pilaster Neck 300   top width 410mm x bottom width 360mm x 170mm high

Pilaster Neck 300

Pilaster Shaft 300 (top or bottom)   310mm x 450mm x 130mm

Pilaster Shaft 300

Pilaster Shaft 300 (middle)   310mm x 450mm x 130mm

Pilaster 300 Shaft

400 Block   400mm x 400mm x 280mm

400 Block

350 Block   350 x 250mm x 230mm

350 Block

345 Block   345mm x 170mm x 150mm

345 Block

Corner Block   235mm x 170mm x 150mm

Corner Block

Curved Fence Cap 810   top width 350mm x bottom width 810mm x 110mm high

Curved Fence Cap

Curved Fence Cap 520   top width 365mm x bottom width 520mm x 110mm high

Curved Fence Cap

Curved Trim   560mm x 185mm (top width of 55mm)


Pond Surround   530mm x 180mm (top width of 105mm)

Pond SurroundPond Surround

Lion Head  250mm x 280mm

Lion Face 250mm wide x 280mm high

Small Lion Head  170mm x 190mm

Stone lion head

Parapet Urn   360mm x 530mm (suits parapet walls and gate pillars)

Parapet Urn

Swag Panel   995mm x 500mm x 90mm (plain side panels available 350mm x 500mm – suits lion head above).

Sawg Panel

Wall Niche  1560mm x 1090mm (swag panel 995mm x 500mm as above)  Shown here with the Niche Urn.


Swag Panel Corner   250mm x 130mm x 75mm deep (thinner version to suit veneer application available)

Swag Panel Corner

Swag Panel Straight   600mm x  130mm x 75mm deep

Swag Panel Straight

Column Base   355mm x 200mm (top span of 260mm) Column shafts available up to 2730mm in height (base diameter 260mm, top diameter 210mm)

Column Base

Column Capital   320mm x 250mm (bottom span of 215mm)

Column Capital

4 Point Flower   175mm x 175mm

4 Point Flower

5 Petal Flower   150mm x 140mm

5 Petal Flower

Keystone   top width 160mm x 110 bottom width x 220mm high


Acanthus Keystone   top width 230mm x bottom width 150mm x 265mm high

Corbel   top width 265mm x bottom width 180mm x 270mm high

Acanthus Leaves   380mm x 140mm (suits pots and column adornments)

Acanthus LeavesAcanthus Leaves

Gargoyle   wing span 240mm x 120 high (120mm depth)



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